Romanticize your life…start now!

Romanticize your life: begin now!

There’s a trend that’s growing that started early in the pandemic called ‘romanticize your life’ that is resonating with more and more people.  As Christians, this is something we can encourage, since it is in essence a biblical idea that’s been repackaged.

The idea is not about being relationally romantic (although obviously that’s always a good thing in marriage!), but rather about encouraging an appreciation of the simple pleasures of life – i.e romancing your life.  Do a google on this phrase and you’ll see various videos posted on people who are seeking to enhance everyday moments.  To quote the New York Times:

For the last two years, the phrase “romanticize your life” has emerged on social media as a call to action, rising in popularity during some of the grimmest months of the pandemic. It asks us to appreciate what we have right in front of us and to live with intention, no matter how mundane our daily rituals might be — a reminder to look for moments of beauty and embrace minimalism.[i]

You’ll find all sorts of videos, ranging from enjoying the sunset through to placing eucalyptus leaves in the shower through to appreciating the bubbles when washing up through to just creating a special ritual that enhances a normal everyday occurrence, such as drinking coffee.

The logic behind it is simple: we really need to appreciate and take advantage of what we do have, especially when we understand that we are not in control of our lives.  We can however control our attitude and responses.

This is a biblical truth.  Ecclesiastes reminds us that we need to be appreciative of what we have in the context of living for God.  Jesus told us not to worry or be anxious.  The apostle Paul exhorts us to live for the glory of God no matter what we are doing, and to give thanks in all circumstances.  We have the privilege of serving a God who works all things out for His glory and our good.  It’s very difficult to be anxious and grateful at the same time.[ii]

So, if you don’t already, why not begin this weekend with ‘romanticizing your life?’  Write down what you are grateful to God for; appreciate the flowers in your garden; take a stroll and give thanks to God that you can.  There are so many ways you can do this; the best part is that it will take you away from the screen for a bit.

If the secular world is realising how important it is to be grateful for the small things, how much more should we not be practicing this virtue?  After all, unlike those in the world, we can thank Someone for these gifts: after all, James 1:16&17 reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

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