If it’s on this page, I’ve read it and can recommend it! Clicking on the book will take you straight to the merchant…Be Blessed!

There is no conflict between Science done properly and Scripture read properly.  This is got to be one of the best books I have read on the relationship between Science and faith, using as a template a letter written by Galileo himself outlining his understanding, in an age where he was forced to recant his beliefs.  It was just amazing to read history, and to have the timeless truth explained of the complementarity of theology and science instead of contradiction in the context of modern science was edifying. Thank you David and Kenneth!


This book really challenged me, and really helped to   remove some veils from my eyes.  Ideas have                 consequences, and we need to be true disciples of       Christ wherever we find ourselves.  This book helps   paint the picture of the battle as we find ourselves        in it now, and what we can do, indeed must do, to        turn the cultural tide.




An excellent look at the issue of cultural Marxism utilising the twin metaphors of C S Lewis’s book “That Hideous Strength” as well as the Biblical Tower of Babel narrative.  A timely reminder that there really is nothing new under the sun – its just the outfits that change…




Published 20 years ago, this is still as relevant as ever – a good guide to thinking Christianly about issues that face us.







Life’s big questions are not that new – and Jesus met with people who were asking what we ask today.  Be blessed by appreciating in a fresh new way that Jesus really is The Way, The Truth and The Life.




This is an excellent guide on distinguishing                     between the ideology of social justice and how it is    distinct from a Biblical world view.  If you’re a               pastor you’ll find this invaluable as a primer and         resource on how to respond!




An excellent primer on Gender Ideology with good referencing – for its size it packs a punch!